Reconditioned Laptops and Computers

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Reconditioned Laptops and Computers

Reconditioned laptops and computers are pre-owned devices that undergo a meticulous restoration process to extend their usability. Our refurbished laptops and PCs are subjected to comprehensive procedures, including data wiping, a rigorous 21-point testing regimen, hardware stress testing, software installation, and genuine Microsoft licensing. This ensures that you receive a product with a like-new condition, ready for immediate use straight out of the box, akin to a new device.

Grade New

This product is classified as "New." While it may not be in its original box, or the original packaging may have been opened and re-sealed, rest assured that the product itself is untouched, has never been owned, and is in a brand-new condition.

Grade 1

Our Grade 1 refurbished laptops and computers are in excellent condition, showcasing great performance and functionality. While they may exhibit some light cosmetic scratches or scuffs on the cases, and there could be slight wear on touchpads or keyboards, please remember that these are used devices.

Importantly, the screens are free from any blemishes. Some examples within this grade may appear almost unused, with no discernible signs of wear, while others may show minor indications of use. Rest assured, each item undergoes a rigorous testing process that includes a 21-point evaluation for cosmetic, operational, and stress tests, ensuring their reliability and quality


Grade 2

Our Grade 2 refurbished laptops and computers, backed by a 12 Months Return-to-Base (RTB) Warranty, are in good condition. These devices exhibit more noticeable signs of use, including more extensive cosmetic damage than Grade 1. You may observe small dents or light screen blemishes. Despite this, rest assured that all components and software maintain the same high quality as Grade A products.

Each item undergoes a comprehensive evaluation through our 21-point tests and stress testing to ensure that they meet stringent quality standards. With the added assurance of a 12 Months RTB Warranty, you can confidently rely on the performance and reliability of these Grade 2 refurbished devices.

Grade 3

Our Grade 3 refurbished laptops and computers, accompanied by a 12 Months Return-to-Base (RTB) Warranty, are still of commendable quality. They may exhibit heavier signs of use compared to higher grades, offering a more affordable option. Despite the increased wear, rest assured that all components and software maintain the same high quality as Grade A products.

By opting for Grade 3, you benefit from significant cost savings without compromising on the essential features and performance. The 12 Months RTB Warranty further ensures your confidence in the reliability and functionality of these refurbished devices.

Warranty Information

Unless explicitly specified otherwise in the product description, all our products come with a 12-month Return To Base (RTB) warranty. This means that if you encounter any hardware issues, you can return the item to us, and we will promptly repair or replace it for you. Our commitment to providing reliable and quality products is backed by this warranty, ensuring your peace of mind and satisfaction with your purchase.


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