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Refurbished Accessories:

Computers by themselves are incredibly powerful devices. They are capable of processing large amounts of data at lightning speed which can produce incredible results. However, they can perform even better when complimented with the use of different input and output accessories. Our refurbished accessories can be connected to the ports at the back of a desktop or at the sides of a laptop or connected wirelessly.

Examples of accessories include keyboards, mice, speakers and printers. These are many others but these three are considered as essentials. It would be difficult to imagine using a computer without the first two! While it is true that touchscreen technology is making it possible to reduce dependence on these devices, there are a lot of tasks that can be accomplished more efficiently with the traditional keyboard and mouse combo, such as typing out long documents. A paperless society is also a long way off with schools and offices printing by volume every day. Get your accessories at low prices on Giga Refurb.

Computer keyboard

The humble keyboard allows us to type specific commands, fill up online forms, and write lengthy narratives and so much more on our computers. Not everything needs to be state-of-the-art to be useful. It just needs to solve real world problems and that is exactly what keyboards do. Many of us have gotten so proficient at it over the years that we no longer look at the keys as we type. Touch typing allows us to get a higher word per minute rate and thus finish our tasks much quicker.

One of the biggest considerations when purchasing a keyboard is whether to get a wired or wireless model. Wired units are highly reliable because of the stable connection through the cable. Just plug in and play, there is nothing to set up, additionally every key press is instantly recognized. However, some people are unhappy with the long wire that protrudes from the device. For some it’s seen as a visual clutter that ruins their room's aesthetics. They prefer to get the wireless type which looks the same except for the absence of a cable. Connection is through Bluetooth or RF technology with a USB receiver included.

The form factor should also be considered. A regular keyboard with a plain rectangular shape and a full set of large keys are not the only options out there. There is a wide range of styles and shapes to choose from. You can get one that fits your needs exactly. For instance, if regular models make your hands and arms hurt, then maybe you should switch to a more ergonomic keyboard that was designed to fit how the body naturally sits. These have a noticeably wavy surface to adapt to the angle of our arms as we type.

You also have the option of purchasing a waterproof and dustproof device. These are sealed such that foreign objects don't get inside. There are no holes or gaps for these to infiltrate. They are great solutions for people who love to drink coffee whilst working. Any accidental spills simply wipe it off with a clean cloth and proceed with your tasks. Some keyboards have such a high-water resistance that they can be washed under running water from a faucet. Use gentle soap and don't brush too hard to prevent the printed letters from coming off.

Lighting is another feature that can be handy for those who like to work at night or are forced to use the computer in a dim environment. These models have individually lit keys that help to guide the user on which one to press. The sides are lit up from underneath, as well as the letter or symbol that each key represents. This is a handy feature to have in a dark room and popular with gamers. You can appreciate the vibrancy of the screen in this kind of setup without sacrificing visual acuity in terms of the command keys. This feature can be turned on or off via software.

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