About us

GigaRefurb is one of the leading online retailers for Refurbished IT Equipment. From our 10,000 sq ft warehouse based in Manchester, Lancashire, we refurbish computers from all over the world.

GigaRefurb specializes in refurbished computers, refurbished laptops, refurbished TFT monitors, refurbished mobile phones, refurbished servers, and refurbished IT. We are a Microsoft Registered Refurbisher, so we are licensed by Microsoft to refurbish and supply reconditioned computers. As a Microsoft Registered Refurbisher, we are also licensed to install and distribute genuine Microsoft software such as Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office, and other Microsoft computer software.

Our team of talented IT Technicians are experts in refurbishing well-known brands, and we specialize in DELL, HP, Lenovo, IBM, ASUS, Acer. Our combination of industry-leading low prices and outstanding dedicated customer service provides the customer with a unique opportunity to maximize their IT budget by buying refurbished computers. GigaRefurb is dedicated to giving the customer the best computer buying experience.

We offer the best most in-depth warranty and customer support to rival buying any new computer equipment. We are determined to turn the tide on buying new computers. If you would like to learn more about GigaRefurb, contact us via social media, telephone, email, or jungle drums! We are always open to hear your opinions and would love to chat about computers!