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Looking for a refurbished workstations UK expert? At Giga Refurb, we have a wide range of incredible products available, from leading refurbished workstations to laptops, desktop PCs and monitors. All refurbished computers are covered by a 12 month warranty, and we offer next day delivery. If you see a product you like, add to cart and complete our easy online payment process now.

PC workstations such as those compatible with a Dell Precision PC or intel xeon e5 processor are some of the most advanced equipment you can buy for a desktop. They're often used by anyone from designers and developers to professionals who need a highly customised computer setup. At Giga Refurb, you'll find low price deals on a wide range of refurbished IT equipment, including workstations, laptops, accessories and PCs from top brands like Dell and Lenovo. Here's everything you need to know.


A refurbished workstation is one that's been owned and used by someone else but is no longer required. This is often the case when businesses decide to upgrade their current workstation equipment, or a customer swaps their current gaming PC for the latest release.

There's not usually anything wrong with the workstation (e.g. an HP z440 workstation), but an IT refurbisher such as Giga Refurb will put each product through its paces to find out more about its condition. This includes erasing any confidential data stored on the device or hard drive, performing operating system upgrades (e.g. to Windows 10 Pro) and putting the workstation through 52-point tests to check every part.

We won't list a refurbished desktop PC or workstation for resale on our site until we're satisfied it's in good working condition, and we've assigned it a grade so that you understand the signs of usage to expect.


One of the key reasons to buy a refurbished computer, such as HP workstations or refurbished Dell Windows 10 laptops is the money you can save. Because the machine has been pre-owned, once refurbished, it's usually heavily discounted when sold on sites such as Giga Refurb. You could use the additional money in your budget to customise your setup or buy IT accessories you want. You can even decide to buy a better PC tower, memory or server than you originally intended once you see the low price deals available.

Refurbishing CPU equipment is one of the best forms of IT recycling, saving energy compared to manufacturing new equipment or breaking down a laptop into parts. Even if Dell workstations or HP laptops are broken, they can often be repaired or the different components used to upgrade other models. This takes expert skill and knowledge, which is why we have such a fantastic team of iT technicians on board at our facility.


When you click on a product you like, all its specifications should be made clear so that you understand what you're buying. When you're thinking about what you need, here are some of the questions to consider.

  • Do I prefer a certain manufacturer over other brands? e.g. HP, Dell, Lenovo etc.
  • Have I got my eye on a particular workstation or PC? e.g. Dell Precision, HP Z420 workstation, HP Z440 workstation, HP Z600, HP Z620, HP Z820 etc.
  • Do I have desktop and motherboard requirements? e.g. small form factor
  • What processor or microprocessor fits my needs? e.g. intel xeon e5, quad core, intel core i7, intel core i5 etc.
  • Do I have special gaming or developer requirements? e.g. NVIDIA Quadro graphics
  • What memory, storage and hard drive do I need? e.g. solid state drive (SSD), 16GB, DDR3 RAM etc.
  • Is a tower upgrade enough to provide me with everything I need?
  • What else do I want for the perfect setup? e.g. upgraded monitor, storage etc.
  • How much am I willing to spend on a new workstation?
  • What could I spend the money saved on a refurbished workstation on? e.g. more upgrades (such as better CPU memory, battery and storage or custom features such as an intel xeon e5 processor)
  • Do I need to upgrade my graphics cards for gaming?


As a UK IT refurbisher, we make data destruction a priority, whether it's part of our server recycling processes or we're refurbishing a Dell Precision laptop. Companies who give us their used or redundant laptops and PCs may even have this requirement as part of their privacy policy, ensuring they don't face data breaches and fines from the ICO.

As part of our UK computer refurbishment services, we perform data erasure solutions on data-carrying equipment and media, such as hard drive and DVD devices. Anything which carries potential confidential information (whether about an individual, staff, a company or the public) will need to be permanently wiped of previous data stored.

Data erasure is often chosen as it allows the laptop or desktop to be used again like-new once it's been through our accredited process. Our system overwrites each block of data and lets us know whether it has been 100% successful in doing so. Once completely successful, a certificate is issued. We can then restore the computer and put it through other tests until we're satisfied it's ready to be graded and sold on our web pages.


Yes! We have lots of gaming PCs available, as well as refurbished graphics, monitor upgrades, Dell laptops and more. You could even consider other upgrades to help with gaming requirements, including intel xeon e5 processors, better solid state drives, PC tower equipment, server parts, CPU components and DVD drives. Contact us now if you need more support.


From refurbished Dell computers to PCs with an intel xeon e5 processor, we ensure you have the best software and operating systems. We often upgrade laptops and PCs to include Windows 10 Pro or Windows 10 Home, thanks to our affiliation with the Microsoft Authorised Refurbisher scheme. It means we can provide genuine Microsoft software wherever it's compatible, whether on a Dell Precision laptop, Lenovo ThinkPad or other models with a quad core processor.


Are you looking for an affordable Dell Precision workstation or laptop? Here are some of the reasons to choose products in this fantastic laptops Dell range.

  • Dell Precision is one of the top workstations on the market today, as well as offering an excellent laptop in its series too.
  • The storage and memory capacity available on Dell Precision products is second to none.
  • This next-generation equipment is ready for NVIDIA Quadro graphics.
  • Enjoy advanced cooling and acoustic benefits.
  • Each Dell Precision is compatible with intel xeon processors such as intel xeon e5.


As a leading IT refurbisher, we have lots of different components for you to buy alongside our top Dell laptops, PC workstations and intel xeon e5 computers. This includes refurbished products such as:

  • power supplies and cables
  • AC adapters
  • servers (including tower servers)
  • other server parts
  • processor upgrades (e.g. intel xeon e5, quad core etc.)
  • graphics cards (including NVIDIA Quadro)
  • parts to upgrade Dell Precision workstations and laptops
  • intel xeon e5 upgrades
  • new software (e.g. Windows 10 Pro)
  • printers, mice, keyboards etc.
  • network cards
  • optical drives
  • memory upgrades
  • monitors
  • computer rack devices
  • DVD drives
  • CPU replacements
  • SATA adapters, e.g. for solid state drives
  • Lots more!


Whether you need a new intel xeon workstation or computers with a NVIDIA Quadro processor, make sure you check out all the latest bargains we have available across our store. Don't forget you can upgrade your setup with other refurbished components found in our stocks, including servers, graphics cards, CPU parts, DVD drive, Windows 10 software, tower equipment and more.

We continually add new products as our team refurbish them, so snap up any deals you want fast before stocks go. Please note, a 12-month warranty is supplied with most refurbished items, and you can select next day delivery or collection from our base. Just add to cart and follow the payment process.


From quad core processor questions to Dell and Lenovo products you like the look of, if you need to make an enquiry, contact us today. We're more than happy to answer your questions about intel xeon e5 processors, NVIDIA Quadro graphics, servers HP, Dell Precision products, PC tower upgrades, workstations HP, privacy policy information, laptops HP and more.

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