GigaRefurb specialise in supplying businesses and public sector organisations

We have supplied thousands of refurbished computer, refurbished laptops, refurbished servers and refurbisher monitors to businesses of all sizes and all industries.

GigaRefurb is an approved provider to the public sector and we can provide your business or public sector organisation with the most competitively priced IT equipment in the industry.

Gigarefurb understands the needs of your business and we have account managers that specialise in all types of industries to ensure your service from first enquiry to delivery of your order goes as smooth as possible

You will be assigned your own dedicated account manager who will take care of you.

The benefits of buying refurbished IT equipment for your business are amazing. You will save money on your IT budget but will not compromise on the same level of service and warranty and customer support you would expect to receive on buying new it equipment. 

What's included Business Account management

Dedicated Account Manager

You will be assigned your own specialist dedicated account manager who knows the education industry well.

Pre-sales Advice

Your GigaRefurb Account Manager will answer any tech questions you might have before you buy. and provide suggestion that may improve your IT spend.

Product Sourcing

Cant see the product you are looking for? Dont worry we specialise in product sourcing. If its not listed on our website we will still be able to quote you on the required equipment!

Special Pricing

Business Customers are entitled to a special tier of pricing that is only eligable for education customers.

Credit Account

Your Business will be assigned a credit limit and you can use this to spread the purchases further

Easy to Order

Placing a order is easy! Order online, Via telephone, Via email 

Purchase Order
Business accounts are eligable for purchasing using purchase orders. Talk to your account manager for further info!

Express Delivery

Is your organisation in a rush for the new refurbished IT equipment? You qualify for express delivery on all your orders

Outstanding Customer Service

Our customer service and account managment is unrivaled, Our philiospy is if the customer is happy We are happy!

Education Account Services

Want More from your IT Supplier? Look what else Gigarefurb can do for your organisation!

Audit / Assesment

GigaRefurb are IT specialist, We can audit and asses your need and suggest the best possible equipment and service for your requirment


We can decommision your old IT equipment from your office, Server rooms or any other location ready for the new equipment to be installed


Our qualified DBS Vetted IT Engineers are able to attend your business and install the new equipment. Leave the hard work to us!

Custom Image Installation

We can generate and deploy custom software, images including operating systems, hardware drivers and preinstalled applications and user profiles onto your new equipment ready to use out of the box. Saving your countless hours of time!

Packaging Removal

If we attend your site we will remove all packaging boxes and clean up the mess. So you can relax and do what you do best!.

Software Imaging

We can generate and deploy a custom software image, including operating system, drivers, applications and user profiles - saving you countless hours manually installing and configuring software.

Extended Warranty

You can extend your hardware warranty to 2 - 3 Years if you would like further peace of mind

Technical Support

We can provide Technical support to your businessl and we are available via email telephone skype or jungle drums.

Contact Us

If you experience any issues with a product you've purchased from Giga Refurb, please contact us promptly, and we will guide you through the necessary steps. In case the problem cannot be resolved through our initial guidance, we will provide you with detailed instructions on returning the device to us for further evaluation and potential repair or replacement.

0161 553 0117